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Ideal for businesses with a brand/logo that feel it's not getting noticed.
Perfect for businesses ready for a comprehensive brand

Professional Brand Strategist that helps small service based businesses identify and create their brand identity so they can get noticed and get paid


Regardless of the level of your company’s success, you need to present an image of expertise that customers can trust. Build a Brand Identity that your clients can trust. Designers know how to implement color and imagery to create the best impression of your company.


Get your project done quickly and correctly. If time is money, then why waste it when you have so much to do already? You’re an expert at your business and designers are experts at making your business look its best. Do what you do best and delegate the rest.


Potential costumers don’t know your business. What is the best way to help them understand the benefits of buying your product or service? A marketing minded designer has a fresh viewpoint for your brand identity and lots of ideas to capture interest.


Don’t take the chance of a costly redo – get your brand identity right the first time with a design professional. Don’t frustrate your potential customers with a hard to navigate website or cluttered advertisements. Designers know how to build effective brands!

Ready to start?

Together we can create the polished and professional brand identity that will set you above the rest

Comprehensive Logo Creation

Professional and extensive design collaboration from start to finish to ensure you have a unique design that will stand the test of time


Ideal for businesses with a brand/logo that want to push it further to gain more traction and become more recongnizable


The perfect solution for businesses that want comprehensive branding to get notice and get paid!

  • "I own an art gallery and am very concerned about the image my business presents. Kelly Moore Design created a new web site for me and also does my monthly print advertising. I have been very pleased and impressed with her creativity and work ethic. She has been my "go to" person for the past two years."

    Lou Ann Zimmerman
    Lou Ann Zimmerman Owner - Zimmerman Gallery & Studio
  • Kelly intuitively understands how websites should work and how people consume them. On each project that Kelly has assisted me with I made sure I had a structure built ahead of time. On each of those occasions, Kelly deftly re-organized those structures to ensure that the important elements were front and center and impossible to blunder past. I am convinced that this attention to detail has gone a long way towards my success.

    David Kirchhoff Owner - IT Solutions
  • Kelly is organized and clear. She has a keen eye in graphic design and creates clean and functional website. She is responsive and easy to work with. I highly recommend her service

    Chili Lati Vital Physical Therapy
  • Kelly designed and managed our social club's website for several years. She was creative and resourceful and responsive throughout. We deeply appreciated her.

    Claudia Schmidt Augusta Newcomers Club
  • I have been extremely happy with the design that she created for my business. I have had a great response regarding the logo that she created. I will procure her services if needed in the future.

    Walter Croteau
  • Kelly Moore is extremely talented and creative to a whole new level. She took our ideas and made a product the completely exceeded our expectations. We would definitely use her skills in the future!

    Rose Poyourow